The dungeon master

Hi, I’m Bodie! I am an illustrator and dungeon master originally from Australia and currently residing in the Netherlands. After studying animation, film and graphic design, I worked as an in-house designer for five years before breaking free as an illustrator of all sorts. 

My interests include Dungeons & Dragons, worldbuilding, fantasy films and books, Rollerblading, and eating chips with my sweety, Alina Tang

Currently spending time in Europe, I am available as an illustrator for hire, looking to draw things for you and collaborate on wonderful and interesting projects.


My tools

iPad pro + Apple pencil
My ipad is the larger one from 2017, I love being able to carry my tablet around and use it anywhere; on the train, in the park, or at my studio desk.

Clip Studio(Windows, iOS)
I found Clipstudio after seeing comic artists use it on Twitch, after a small learning curve I fell in love with it, a perfect tool for my illustration.